The leech therapy

The leech therapy

The leech therapy should be accomplished only by experienced Therapists!

The preparation of the patient

The patient should not use showering gel, lotions, etc. on those skin portions, on which the leech are to be touched down. A cleaning of the skin before the treatment is possible with water, curd soap or alcohol. The alcohol, as must also curd soap before the beginning of the treatment are washed off. For treatment the skin of the patient must be warm. Therefore use warm water.

The preparation of the leech

In order to reduce the number of germs on the suction cups and the skin of the leech, the leech must be put 2 hours before beginning of the treatment into cold (max. 20 degrees), boiled water.

How many leeches do I need for a therapy

The necessary number of leech depends by the following factors: Age and weight of the patient, the kind of disease and the size of the leeches available.
When chronic illnesses one sets fewer animals for it the therapy however in shorter time intervals is on repeated. With acute diseases one uses more leech and has a longer period up to the next treatment. For a normal adult with standard weight and no further medical treatment and in a healthy condition 10 leeches may be used for a therapy.

Position the leech

The leech can be put on either with the hand or a liqueur glass. In order to get the animals to the concrete complaints office, where they are to be set, the use of a wood putty is recommended.

In principle leeches can be set at the whole body. To exclude one should only badly supplied with blood places, open wounds and particularly sensitive Hautstellen, like palms, nipples etc.. Likewise to advise against is large superficial Venen, since it would come here to a strengthened Nachbluten.

Animation of the leech

With situations e.g. with thunderstorm, with high nervousness or with smokers or also with patient the certain medicines like e.g.. Beta blockers take, can it occur that the leech do not bite. In these cases a piece helps butter, which is rubbed on the place concerned. Stinging or cutting the skin portion concerned can likewise lead to success.

The leech therapy

The leech sucks approx. 30 minutes. One should let the animals in peace suck and under no circumstances when sucking disturb. Likewise should not be under any circumstances smoked in the environment. Sucking should not be artificially interrupted. At the end of sucking the leech of alone drops. Sometimes it happens that the animals suck after that are so slow-acting that they remain hanging on the patient. Into such to fall it helps to drive with a putty under the front suction cup and take so the leech off. Please you make sure however that them the leech thereby not crimping around vomiting the leech, and thus a possible infection to prevent. For this reason also no salt may be used for removing the leech.

Subsequent treatment

The bleeding should not be prevented, it increases the effectiveness of the therapy and the entstauende effect. In addition thereby the wound is cleaned from the germs. The bleeding usually lasts up to 12 hours by day the treatment should the patient physical effort avoid. The wounds should be controlled in the next days up to healing.


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